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Dr Andrew Strachan, Forensic Odontologist - Forensic Odontology & Forensic Dentistry

Forensic Odontology

Forensic Odontology is that branch of dentistry which deals with the proper handling and examination of dental evidence and the proper evaluation and presentation of dental findings in the interest of justice. The areas covered by this specialty human identification by dental means (single or multiple bodies and co-mingled remains), age assessment in living or dead, pattern matching of wounds and suspected weapons and bite mark analysis. Bite marks may occur in cases of murder, serious physical assaults, rapes and sexual assaults, child abuse cases, as defence wounds and in inanimate objects such as food. In cases of bite marks it is essential that the evidence is collected in a manner suitable for presentation in court, with accurate photographs and impressions of suspects. An early involvement of a forensic odontologist is advisable and usually cost advantageous.


Forensic dentistry offers the following services:

  • Bite mark analysis (in murder, assaults, rapes, child abuse, animal bites and in foodstuffs)
  • Body identification by dental means
  • Age assessment
  • Pattern matching
  • General practice
  • Lecturing
  • Second opinion for colleagues

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Professional Résumé

  • Qualified as a dental surgeon from Guy's hospital in 1980 having worked previously as a Police Officer in the Coventry & Warwickshire Constabulary.
  • Worked as a general practitioner from 1980 to 1999, with specialist interest in Forensic Odontology from 1987
  • Obtained forensic qualification in 1987 from the London Hospital Medical College and a Masters degree in Law from the Cardiff Law School, University of Wales in 1994.
  • Since leaving general practice has worked as a freelance consultant in Forensic Odontology.
  • Has appeared for both prosecution and defence in a range of courts in cases of murder, rape, assault, child abuse and custody hearings, featuring bite mark evidence.
  • Appeared as the primary odontologist in a case, described in the press as "a benchmark case, being the first case in British Courts since 1967, to rely entirely on bite mark evidence."
  • Reports in dental injury and negligence cases have been prepared for solicitors relating to general dental practice, road traffic injuries and assaults.
  • Reports for prosecution or defence in criminal proceedings and for plaintiff or defendant in civil matters, can be prepared.
  • Has a wide experience of delivering lectures, seminars and training days.

Contact Information

For all enquiries including general information or other forms of contact please use the email address provided